Huasheng RIP


Jun 6, 2016
North Carolina
Have been using this 149F for five years now. It has always started on 1 or 2 pulls, always idled smooth as silk, and accelerated well for a .49cc 4 banger.
When I pulled into the driveway yesterday I noticed it was idling erratically. I tried adjusting the carb, no dice. Flew into mechanic mode and adjusted valves, cleaned carb jets, pulled flywheel to make sure it hadn't sheared the pin and slipped timing, and changed plug. Nothing, NADA. Since this old girl has pulled my fat ass around for five long years I'm thinking something has worn out. First I thought it might be the cam, but after checking a diagram found out it's metal. Then I noticed that the timing gear is plastic- ahah! Anyone had one of these to go on them? How did you engine act when it did?
Thanks for any help.


New Member
Jun 23, 2017
If you got the money try getting a Honda GX50 (long shaft) & an EZM Qmatic transmission. That would be the most reliable direct drive in frame setup I can imagine. The Honda GX50 is the official on brand engine the HuaSheng is cloned after. It will be costly but the reliability & longevity of the engine would be well worth it.

Been thinking of switching to that kind of setup after my HuaSheng 142F finaly gives out. The HuaSheng is a decent engine but my only gripe with it is there aren't allot of good transmissions that can fit it out there. Had a 4G T belt on it for some time but broke twice in the first month after getting the kit & heard nothing but problems from other transmission types made for the HuaSheng motor. I would want to give a pocket bike transmission a shot to see how it fares but not sure wich ones can actually fit the HuaSheng.