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Mar 8, 2024
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I thought the whole program changed when they moved out of Johns parents house. It changed even when the neighbours got tired of John and Issac tearing up and down the street and though the woods. The Phatmoto bike that they had the the 98cc on was putting up rooster tails of dirt when they opened up the throttle then they added the huge electric motor and when they opened up both throttles there were two rooster tails of dirt but with the front wheel under power they learned about the gyroscope effect of the front wheel being powered and the bike was uncontrollable if they tried to turn it.

The builds are incredible and I wonder how they pull them off. The show will definitely be different with Charles gone but it was the right move for he and his wife. The baby needed to be closer to his grand parents and it's always nice to go back home if you can.

I didnt even know Charles was gone to be honest.....Like I said, I cant watch John anymore..... A little money started rolling in and he changed the feel of the vids, I know things evolve and I'm glad there both doing well but I liked the organic feel they used to have. I watch the **** outta issacs channel though.
A Predator 79cc weighs, 22.8 pounds and is 11-1/2 inches wide.

An 80cc motor weighs, 12.9 pounds, 25 pounds if you buy the complete engine kit and is 5 inches wide.

Yeah a guy drove by me on a two smoke powered bike today, it was quiet and small. I really like the idea of a 4 stroke but the cons outweight the pros in my opinion


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Nov 28, 2012
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I watched, Cars and Cameras a few days ago and they put a 98cc 4 stroke from Go Power Spots on a Phatmoto bike that had a 79cc on it before. Then in true Cars and Cameras fashion they added a huge electric motor on the front wheel. They were really impressed with the 98cc 4 stroke and Go Power sports had the engines on sale for less than $100.

I'm in Canada so all I see is the Canadian price and it certainly isn't under a hundred dollars due to the dollar exchange rate. It might be what your looking for.

I think I saw that build it had a 200-class Tilly with the qs273 hub motor in the front wheel which is a 50-60lb wheel. It’s capable of over 35kw but they’re running it at only 8kw. Just a dumb build overall made only to get views. Seriously if they put the 273 on the back and put a sprocket on it in place of the disc rotor it would be cool but they didn’t. They had to go full retard… and you NEVER go full retard