Cold starts/ fuel "heater"

Wevil Kenevil

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Mar 4, 2022
Sack a tomatoes California
The last couple weeks it's been cold damp and miserable and hard as heck to get my bike started.

Wellllll... I came up with something that definitely has helped get my bike started first time every time.

Because of the velocity stack that I use on my bike, I had to remove my choke lever and when the fuel is cold it is a s.o.b. to get it to run, sooo...

What I did was take the 3 " infrared" heating "elements" out of a neck massage pillow (9vdc) and using a velcro tab, I stick one of the elements to the bottom of the fuel bowl on the bottom of the carburetor.

I only have to wait like 3 minutes before it warms to the point where it starts easily.

I know it sounds dangerous but there is little to no fire hazard due to the element being sealed and the 9 volt battery being attached to the seat post with another strip of Velcro.

The heating element is made up of 3 little light bulbs that look like little Christmas lights but have a different type of filament in them that causes them to warm quickly. I have it attached to a 9-volt battery connector.

And of course after it starts I remove it but by the time that I put my gloves and helmet and riding gear on it's ready to go.

The other 2 heating elements that I got out of the massage pillow I am thinking about making a seat warmer with them.

I know this is kind of hair brained but it works awesome and there is no more peddling your ass off trying to get your cold bike to start.

Just tinkering...

The pics are just for size reference.


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