Clutch chirp under throttle only?


Nov 24, 2014
seattle, wa
Hey so I was out riding for an hour an 45 minutes or so last night....

Although my projects is finished minus mounting of the push pull throttle control, I noticed my bike clutch is making a ring/chirp sound under loading the throttle.

With this being said I may have an idea what the problem is.

Does anyone know where I can get a furniture bolt small enough to fit this thing it's extremely tiny bolt where the clutch mounts.

At the time there is 2 solid big state washers, 1 external lock washer behind the two big washers

If anyone knows what size this tiny bolt it is ID appreciate it.

Have not GPS the speed yet but it feels like it drives 28 mph to 35mph.

It's quick to its top speed and the 11 gauge spokes are stronger then what's recommended by WHIZZER sheave specs which say use 12-13 gauge.

The second photo is a before photo but the first photo is a current bolt