80CC Motor Kit for Sale



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Mar 3, 2008
Well its time I sold the motor. I had the bike mounted up with an 80 cc King Motor Bike engine kit. I haven't ridden the bike in a year since I used it for riding back and forth to the University. Since then I've moved further away, too far to ride.

I took the kit apart this weekend and set it all in a box. All of it is for sale as one lump set. There was about 20 hours of run-time on the motor. I replaced some drive bearings that went bad and replaced most of the grease within the drivebox.

I had some trouble mounting the motor up to an Aluminum frame. To overcome this i machined new brackets and drilled and tapped larger 1/2 or 5/8" grade 8 bolts to replace the mounting studs.

I continually upgrade the bolts as they wear out, break off or get lost. There is a dual brake lever, as well as the older style brake lever for the clutch. The older style allows for a longer pull, thus more control to activate the clutch.

Aside from having to replace the bearings, the only other problem Ive had with the motor is a crack on the outside of the chain guard. Being the pot metal that the motor is, most welding techniques don't work well. I have not bothered to fix it since it never caused me any issues.

As with any used sale, there are no guarantees, everything is sold as-is. This is not an all inclusive kit, merely parts that once completed a kit. All of the main components are here. I purchased the motor new for about $200 and spent countless hours tweaking, modifying and buying little parts here and there. So please use your judgment went placing an offer. Also, I request that buyer pays actual shipping, and that tracking and insurance must be included. If you live local, I can meet you someplace.

I don't have any pictures of the current state of things yet. I will provide any pictures requested!

Here is a link of the first version of it put together. Right out of the box. Since then the upgrades of better mounting bracket, on off switch and some other goodies.
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