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    Engine won't turn over

    Alright, so in all I'm fairly new to this. I put together my bike, after much struggle I got it to work, and it worked fine for a whole month. Now when I try to start it, release the clutch, it revvs up and then I can start pedaling keeping the engine in idle,throttle works and I can hear it...
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    NEED HELP !!!, SHA 14mm Carb giving me issues!

    Hi there, i am back once again, i ordered a offset intake manifold and an SHA 14mm Carb from and i ran it, Started Great, Throttle Response was awesome, the auto choke worked...
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    Is this worth trying for?? Will be my second build.

    Older AMF Nimble 3 speed. I found this on Craigslist, and really has the potential look for a tracker. Opinions and tips anybody?