1. S

    How to hide wiring/ wiring tips?////// Where can i put my battery?, I use a 12v 7 ah battery

    Ive been putting full lighting on my past few builds and on every single one I Have had trouble making the wiring look good/ easy to service if needed. Any tips on how to conceal the wiring better/ make it look good? thanks!
  2. D

    HELP! WIRING in a YZ80 CDI ignition to my 66cc china

    Ok, new here. HI. Now. I stole an ignition box (early 80s yz80 box???) and how do I describe them... two little dangly things that look like coils (but there's two of them and narrower than our coils, no provision for a plug wire to exit) off my brothers YZ80 frame that was laying behind the...
  3. C

    USB phone charger?

    So I have a phone mount on my gas tank because I use my phone for the gps speedometer app. The app eats your battery like no other so I was thinking, if you strip the end of a micro USB cord, could I wire it to the white output wire from the engine to charge my phone while I ride?dance1lo
  4. P

    just finished assembly on bike no start

    finished up my bike grubee skyhawk gt5 with sbp shift kit. having a lot of trouble with what to do with the wires. i put blue to blue and same with black. what is the white wire for and so i need it for anything? bike will not start and im getting no spark. any help will be greatly appreciated...
  5. Ruby478

    Homemade lights are the best

    So I've been working on a set of lights for my bike. I got tired of the walmat crap I was using, it didnt cut it! Here's what i did, The supplies: 2-6v 4.5amph SLA batteries(from Academy Sports) wired in series(10$ each) 1-12v 20watt halogen lamp (RadioShack) part #272-0006 (7$) 1-...
  6. T

    I cannot get my throttle to work

    My throttle does not wokr and i dont understand why i have tried to take it apart but that didnt elp. :( any advice is greatly appreciated..trk