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    just ordered $40 worth of leds for my bike

    just ordered $40 worth of leds for my bike - suggestions??? I just ordered some leds for my motorized bike. Blue and green strips for the front shocks and handlebars, white for low beam, h3 replacement for my high beam, red replacements for my tail light and red strips for the frame next to the...
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    Schwinn cruiser 1st build white w/ black!!

    Just got finished with my 1st build. Bought a schwinn 7 spd. cruiser from walmart 100$. Ive had a used motorbike so used a couple of the good modified parts from that one. I ordered a Grubee Skyhawk gt5 n wanted to get to it so fast i payed over 100$ shipping 2 day air!! I live in southern Maine...