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    Worksman 26" HD wheelset alloy rims 11g stainless spokes front drum rear shimano nexus 3 speed rear

    For sale on the bay Perfect motorized bicycle wheelset Worksman HD wheelset... not the steel rim and cheaper steel spokes front automotive style drum brake Rear shimano nexus 3 speed internal geared hub Aluminum alloy rims heavy duty dimpled rims 11g (3mm) Stainless Steel spokes $325 on...
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    Has anyone used the new Wheelset by one of the forums advertisers?

    Hi All! :) Long time that i've posted here ... http://www.kingsmotorbikes.com/cnc-aluminum-wheels-silver.html I'm going to call next week and find out specifics, but it does look good. Has anyone used this? Can anyone give a review? Thank you.
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    Heavy Duty Wheelset Sources

    Hi, I was researching heavy duty wheels, and came up with: Good: Custom Motored Bicycles - WHEELS HEAVY DUTY 26"INCH* 12 G 12 Gauge Spokes,BICYCLE BRAKES, Add ---> Very Good: http://www.piratecycles1.com/worksmanwheels.html Better: Unique 26" No Spoke Bike Rims For 8/9 Gears,Satin Black |...