two stroke
  1. Sikk_29

    Compression Loss? Engine Will Not Start

    I recently upgraded to an aftermarket high compression head on my Amazon-purchased (Seeutek) 66cc two-stroke engine. I had been having issues maintaining an idle after the bike had been ridden for 10 minutes or so, which I assumed to be head warpage. I removed the cylinder body to replace a...
  2. W

    I'm having trouble getting the engine to start and idle

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a two stroke Schwinn Stingray OCC off of a gentleman this week. It's used and has been through three owners so far but the last guy didn't ride it as much as he fixed it from the previous owner. I am completely new to motorized bikes so I really don't know...
  3. LabRat

    Hi! I'm Weedy!

    Hi! I'm Weedy! I like people I hate WEEDS! *Must see picture one to visualize topic and bike. ***My visualized knee jerk reaction to the motor end of page. The patients were still pending when this vintage Weed Eater was manufactured in 1971. One label reads Tecumseh Engines Lawson Power...