thruster 700c
  1. CARider

    My New Build- Thruster 66cc

    This is my new build. It is a Fix-d from Target, but it is the same bike as the Wal-Mart thruster fixie, but it does not have a Mcdonalds themed paint job. Anyway, most of the kit bolted onto the frame, which was awesome, but I had a little problem with the sprocket. I filed the sprocket to...
  2. L

    first build for sale. any advice?

    hello my name is logan and i am new to this forum i hope i can help others and get some great advice:) im 17 started my own company of buiulding bicycles for the hope of selling them. this is my first build with a thruster 700c fixie bike from walmart. and a 80 cc bike motor kit 2 stroke. no...