tas spitz

  1. u2seek42

    Tas spitz up for sale

    This is the bikebug inclosed in a an box engine cover, it needs the rubber roller cover, it was running when I bought it. It is very clean and appears well maintained, I do not have a bike with forks to mount it. nor am I going to buy squat from amigobug. I'll let it go for 225 plus shipping
  2. u2seek42

    Tas Spitz/ Bike Bug Info Center

    Hi all, I was blessed to find one of these, it is an older one. Now when it comes on finding stuff on the web, I rarely have a problem. When it came down to this engine, the only place I could originally find any info was this predator. Bike Bug Want to buy some parts... well you have to...
  3. U

    For Sale: Tanaka (Tas Spitz) Bike Bug

    It is on eBay now. Works fine. PM for details. Will be adding more pics tonight after work.
  4. U

    So this old man repairs bikes...

    ....and he loves to put them out on his front porch. There are dozens of them. That is where I first fell in love with my ladies' 1950 cruiser that is currently being worked on. A few months back, I decided to see what he had that was new. Alas, I came across a Tas Spitz Tanaka bike bug on...