super rat
  1. C

    Super Rat -- does a pull start fit?

    My first build was a Flying Horse Dragon Fire, aka Super Rat engine. I'm now looking to out a pull start on it but I dont know if the standard "chinese 2 stroke" pull start will work. As of now, I have one ordered and I will return it if It doesn't work. Opinions?
  2. SuperDave

    Super Rat parts?

    I got a blown Super Rat, too hot of a heat range spark plug blew a hole in the piston. Now I'm looking for a new slug. Anyone know of an American vendor who stocks type A pistons?
  3. D

    Custom chopped and screwed homemade motoped/dirt bike!

    i spent a lot of time planning this bike out.. this one i based off the dirt bike style this bike has a lot of travel and an 8gear jackshaft, in this build im using the 70cc Skyhawk Super Rat motor with a stock 66cc carb and a honda CR80 exhaust. i tried to find as many progress pictures as...
  4. L

    Hello, New Hobby or Headache?

    So far you guess... Hello, I just want to inform others briefly of why I joined this forum and how I came to be here today. I have seen these bikes being made a several years back when gas prices was really taking off for the first time and I thought it was a neat idea. It is a better...
  5. PatTheThird

    GT-5 and GT-Rat For Sale, Maybe

    I'm intirested to see if anyone would make an offer on one of these motors. Both are on bikes and run great. The GT-5 tops at around 32, the Ratwill get closer to 40. Which either one i decide to sell will come with a SBP black expansion chamber. The GT-5 ive done some work to. It has a Dax RT...