sick bike parts
  1. Corey23

    Full Suspension Motorized Bike

    This is my 1996 Specialized Ground Control. Is has a Zeda 80cc two stroke engine with a Sick Bike Parts shift kit. I know that there is limited info on here about full suspension motorized bikes but I plan on making a YouTube video this week like a walk around, parts list and starting it up and...
  2. U

    Sickbikeparts 4stroke shift kit shimano nexus 8 hub gear ratio

    So I'm wrapping up a build and need to figure out where to make adjustments for optimal gear ratio Here are the pertinent specs 26" wheels Huasheng 49cc 4 stroke tapered shaft with 4g belt drive tranny 20t - 100t pulleys(5 to 1) to final 9t sprocket 9t sprocket to 17t SICK Bike parts left...