1. wildwood

    front shocks on a rigid frame

    I add front shocks on my bike that didn't have them to begin with...I had to jump through a few hoops to get them on proper but nevertheless they were installed shop quality. just to look at the bike I new the whole geometry was out of wack...the center line from front axle to bottom bracket...
  2. spiderskzes

    New fork vibrating when braking smooth when not

    Hello quick question from a noob. I have a cruiser bike with a 4 stroke motor. I just replaced the front fork with mountain bike fork with shocks. I tightened everything down and readjusted the brakes. when i rode it was really smooth but when i would brake there was a lot of "woobly" vibration...
  3. R

    26 Schwinn delmar

    here is my bike as of now. got a cheap 40$ bike from ebay, had shocks on it so I put them on my bike after some cutting .weld the shock makes a huge difference, I really wasn't expecting much. Check out my video for more details, and I am open to all suggestions on how to utilize every...