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    New Member

    Howdey yall!!! I stumbled upon this gem of a site about three weeks ago and since then I have built my very first motorized bicycle using the standard 49 cc grubee skyhawk mounted on my trek mountain bike. It was collecting dust and my truck was getting 10 mpg city. I started looking at...
  2. N

    homelite scooter

    My current project is a gas scooter direct drive. this is a homelite 240 engine, the original Zenoah engine was shot when i bought the scooter. I am trying to set up a direct drive for the scooter. i have exausted my funds and need a cheap solution. i was going to try to use a deepwell socket...
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    Petrol Scooter wont start?

    Hi i have a Petrol Scooter Stand Up, but it won't start. I've cleaned out the carb, checked the spark plug for a spark and checked if the petrol's going through the engine, it's all working properly, yet when i try to start it the scooter doesn't even sound like it wants to start, i've put brand...