1. J

    Ryobi 30cc OHC 4-stroke engine power?

    Greetings all (my 1st post!) I've gotten hold of a factory recon wheeled string trimmer, a 30cc 4-stroke from Ryobi, model T430. The powerplant is the version with the metal camshaft, not the older plastic-cam version that melted :). It has an overhung (single-ended) crankshaft, and the...
  2. Whistle Tip

    Will My Ryobi cs30 Engine Do The Job?

    I bought today, to start off my weed wacker bike build, a Ryobi cs30 30 cc engine. This is my first weed wacker/weed eater engine bike build. Firstly I bought the weed wacker from craigs list for 50$. I have followed the postings for my area for more or less a month, and have seen the range...