rt carb

  1. J

    RT Carb leak.

    Having some issue with the RT Carb leaking around the banjo of it and can't figure it out. I put a new washer around the banjo, put a hose clamp on the fuel line and still leaks. Tried tightening as much as possible, no luck. Have no idea what else to try besides putting some permatex around the...
  2. G

    Dax RT Carb help

    Ok so I bought a new DAX RT Carb judging fro the reviews out there. Very cool looking carb I must say. Without any adjustment I had much better low end and much quieter. However, high end is total crap. Maybe it's four stroking but I have no idea what that even means. I've looked...
  3. M

    NEED HELP !!!, SHA 14mm Carb giving me issues!

    Hi there, i am back once again, i ordered a offset intake manifold and an SHA 14mm Carb from CustomMotoredBicyles.com and i ran it, http://custommotoredbicycles.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/IMG_5157.8105234_std.jpg Started Great, Throttle Response was awesome, the auto choke worked...
  4. A

    HELP I'm about to give motor bicycling up..

    I AM FURIOUS. This all started with me wanting to simply upgrade my cns carb to a RT carb from thatsdax. I made a new intake manifold that was offset and shorter than my previous intake. I hook up the carb and begins a high idle. Check for air leaks, none, sealed up joints anyways. Duane at...
  5. stevolandis

    So is the Rt Carb really all it's cracked up to be?

    I've been looking at various carbs and comparing pros and cons. I hear great reviews about the RT carb- better pulling power and high end performance than the NTs. My question is is it worth the $30 to replace my old NT carb with an RT? The CNS seems to cause to many problems for most people...