1. J

    fix a flat vs solid tubes

    So in the past few weeks between two bikes we've had four flat tires. I was hoping to here from some experience because I was thinking on buying solid tubes Though, I've heard they can have some wear on your rims....is this true? In the past I've filled the tube with fix a flat and it usually...
  2. Noped

    my new rear wheel does not center in frame

    hi; long story short...my new 26"x2.35 rear wheel does not ride in the center of the frame; i suspect that the axle length is wrong on one side making it dificult for me to adjust the V-brake; is there a way to compensate for that or i was thinking of changing the v brake for a side-pull brake...
  3. waistofhumanspace

    Original Worksman Rims FORSALE ($150.00)

    If you are interested call (231)220-5207 located in Mi. I will ship anywhere in Comtinental United States
  4. W

    Heavy Duty Wheelset Sources

    Hi, I was researching heavy duty wheels, and came up with: Good: Custom Motored Bicycles - WHEELS HEAVY DUTY 26"INCH* 12 G 12 Gauge Spokes,BICYCLE BRAKES, Add ---> Very Good: http://www.piratecycles1.com/worksmanwheels.html Better: Unique 26" No Spoke Bike Rims For 8/9 Gears,Satin Black |...