rear wheel
  1. C

    Rear wheel bearings are bent- how do I fix?

    I’m trying to install the rear sprocket but I noticed that one side of the bearings is up, while the other side is sinking inward. Is this due to me tightening the sprocket incorrectly? Thanks so much.
  2. Azoth

    Need disc brake adaptor for mag wheels

    So I looked through all the old threads to not much avail. I got these mag wheels which are disc brake compatible, but I'm not sure what kind of adaptor will for with the 44t sprocket... I read on here I may need to downsize cause there may not be much clearance.. any help, suggestions or simple...
  3. S

    Rear wheel/coaster help

    I have a motorized Schwinn Beach cruiser that I bought recently.I have already been through two rear wheels blowing through the bearings and ultimately all but destroying the rear wheel while making the coaster brake useless. Besides moving to a pressure or disk brake does anyone have any...
  4. darrick

    Built-In motor sprocket on rear wheel?

    Hi I'd just like to know if anyone knows of any sites (or people) that are selling rear wheels with BUILT-IN motor sprockets, not rag joint sprockets. and preferably not clamp on type either. I own one, but my rear wheel spokes got warped by the chain falling off the sprocket and eating them...