1. CTripps

    Bike Cargo Conversion Kit

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here who would find it cool, so I figured I'd share this. On the way into the grocery store I saw this bike in the rack. At first glance I thought it was one of the 'Dutch' cargo bikes available in a place downtown here. On second look, I realised it...
  2. mombo390

    Twin Engine Rack Mount

    Hello all, im new to the forums and did a search and could not come up with anything regarding my build so here goes. Im building a rack mount dual engine bicycle build for my high school senior project so far i have stripped the bike (im not keeping the bicycle aspect of the bike and am...
  3. K

    Need a mount for predator 212cc! Please Help!!

    i have a mongoose xr 75 (24 inch) bike with me, i want a rack with engine mount so i can mount the predator(harbor freight engine) 212cc on its back and ride it, i am kind of a newbie, i have built just one 50cc 4 stroke in my life, so please help. or some mount that will help me mount a motor...