pocket bike

  1. S

    Pocket bike expansion chamber?

    Has any one tried the pocket bike expansion chamber? It's much cheaper than the sbp one and seems to look the same any pros and cons... I want to order one... http://www.pocketbikeparts.com/Exhaust_Stock_Cag_p/cgex301486.htm
  2. IreBo

    REV pocket bike ehhaust!! ez

    So i was looking around on ebay and found the x1 and x2 super pocket bike after market pipes. they have all types. i found 2 that will work great and even though i welded mine together this is a mod that can be done with a hack saw or saws-all! so most people can do this mod. i used this...
  3. Vfalpha-1

    20 inch bmx

    ok so i started out with a crappy bike some time ago and a Chinese engine i managed to fudge up , got blasted on here a lot for that one. i deal more with airplane engines than bikes though i have built some before. sometimes stupid things come out of my mouth before i think about it so bear...