1. S

    Bicylce-Engines expansion chamber

    http://www.bicycle-engines.com/Fat-Cat-Chrome-Expansion-Chamber.html Hey everyone! First Post: I just bought this pipe off of Bicycle engines and i wanted to know if its a slap on and go kind of thing or if there are any "tuning" steps i need to do.
  2. TheNecromancer13

    Pop rivet torque pipe?

    So the cost of having someone weld me a torque pipe is prohibitive, but someone suggested that I make one using pop rivets, cold forming with a hammer and anvil, and high temperature sealant. Anyone tried this before? Anyone think it would be a waste of time and fail horribly?
  3. R

    port timeing help? tuned pipe

    gi fo all those that have done port mods im sure your have done a port timeing chart useing a degrea weel anywas to the point im trying to make a tuned pipe during my off season iv only got 2 weeks to have it fineshed and i nead the port timeing. if any one had the exhaust port angle the...
  4. shwnrttr

    2 stroke pipe on huasheng?

    i was wondering if my old 2stroke pipe would bolt up to the huasheng? would it be the right diamator? i think its 7/8''