1. Makomea

    New 2023 Phatmoto AT, 0 Experience Builder.

    Hey guys! I have been lurking around these forums for a couple months just trying to learn what I can from random posts. Some threads have info I need when it comes to a specific, specialized, task. When it comes to absolute basic information, it is either buried in a comment on an unrelated...
  2. W

    Phatmoto 2020 wide pedal crank kit?

    Hey guys. Husband and I are newbs to the motor bike world. We bought 2 phatmoto 2020s few months back. Some jerk tried to steal them and in the process, because he couldn't drive em, tried to ditch them in the woods and messed them up. My love has been making repairs as parts arrive but we've...
  3. T

    Phatmoto 79cc bike

    Bought this bike and after a little struggle it is up and running. Still need to make some mods happen and tweak a few things, but I think I'm going to like it.