1. Memy1251

    Parts vibrating loose

    HEY GUYS! Just built my first beauty. It’s running well and strong aside from when I picked up a nail. However I have a question about how you guys like to secure your gas tank and mufflers. My attached components are tending to vibrate loose. Am I just going too fast? Or if there another way to...
  2. U

    Questions...Bought a used 49cc 4 stroke kit

    Ok so I'm new to this but have been repairing and tinkering with stuff for years and I'd say I'm mechanically inclined. Picked up this kit, originally meant for a frame mount, from a guy on Craigslist for $80. I am trying to figure out which make/model kit I have here, any pro's & cons of this...
  3. TheJakeBike

    Jake's custom motorbikes!

    Hello all, I've recently been informed that there's a rumor going around that "Jake's" is closed! NOT SO!! JAKES CUSTOM MOTORBIKES IS ALIVE AND WELL!! check out our new low pricing and killer deals on our signature Billet high compression / extreme cooling heads! is our...
  4. sudjim

    Free parts in Gainesville FL

    Hi everyone, I had been a very active member in the area. I have built dozens of MB's and fixed may others for my neighbors. I need to move on and I have many many parts. Some new, many used and some almost new. Every thing from motors, and motor rebuild parts, sprockets, carbs, cables...
  5. Deiseldave

    Everything Must GO

    I have 3 motors ( 2 Grubee GT-5's and a stinger.) , Custom made occ forks, occ motor mount, moped rear hub , skiptooth hub with custom hub adapter made for it with chain and peadle crank chain ring, motor cases , some internal motor parts, lots of goodies to go around ..... either add me on FB...
  6. Ruby478

    Gasbike lately?

    anyone order from in the past few months? ive had bad dealings with them in the past but theyre the only ones that have the parts i need........... so if you have ordered from them how was your dealings with them?
  7. Ruby478

    who know where to get parts?

    im trying to build a MB trike but since spookytooth is down i can buy the mb hd trike conversion kit what can i do to make my own any ideas?
  8. S

    66cc engine parts + More for sale!

    Hey guys I posted on another thread but I feel that the title wasn't as descriptive as it should have been. Here is a list of items that i have and currently have no use for that I would love to get off my hands and make some room for my new build! Feel free to inquire about anything that's not...
  9. T

    Silent rider

    Hello, I have a Chinese generic 2 stroke engine kit, it's 66cc. I would like to make it run as silent as possible, how do I do this? What do I need? Where do I get the supplies from? I would first like to make the clutch case make less or no sound (right hand side case) please help Thanks...