occ stingray

  1. PluckStrumRide

    What size piston do I need? Help

    Engine wouldn’t start after 2 miles on a very hot day while riding. I suspected the clutch, no change. Once I opened it up, the piston looked scoured and the cylinder wall as well. I’ve never worked on the top end before and need to know what to get. What piston is this? The diameter of the...
  2. L

    Occ stingray

    took me while to build, alot of work was needed. hope you like it!!!
  3. epok

    stingray xl alternate rear wheel

    has this been directly addressed i don't know but does anyone have any idea what alternate wheel can i use on an Occ stingray XL I'd like to use a scooter tire but what size and which may be the most compatible .spr.if any one else has gone through it already please lemme know thank you!!! (c)