new 2 stroke
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    Finish my first build: 48cc Chinese kit

    Greetings. I'm new to bike building and I finished my bike yesterday. I had some trouble getting it together. The first real problem I ran into was the the front mount didn't rest correctly and was way too high, I managed some jury rigging by cutting the mounting bolts and welding it in once...
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    Need input on performance build

    Hey everyone, So I just did my first build with a Chinese 80cc on a roadmaster bicycle to see if I would like it; well go figure, I love it. Now I want to build a performance bike and need input. I have a budget of about $1,000 and want to stick with two strokes. The cruiser style with forks...
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    New and no spark.

    Chinese 2 stroke no spark. I'm new to this and need troubleshooting help big time. My engine is new as well but I've never gotten it to start. I get no spark from the plug and it seems no gas is getting to it but I can't be sure. It's wired correctly kill switch is not connected...I opened the...