1. nidyanazo

    Other standup bikes I've been building (50MPH goped video inside)

    So... Decided to build some killer standup bikes. Using the venerable GSR frame, and on this first one I've got a ultra rear $2,000 Trevor Simpson 62cc modded motor, ported by chris bartolone SPECS: TS 60...
  2. nidyanazo

    *vid* Inside a MOTOVELO bike engine (what makes them the best)

    Check out this quick video.. Any questions feel free to call! 805-637-1746
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    Hundreds of kits in stock, same day shipping

    Seems like alot of suppliers are out of stock, just wanted to let those of you looking for a kit know we have tons available and ready for immediate dispatch! Check us out @ Our fedex shipping includes free overnight delivery in SoCal, and gurenteed 2-day delivery anywhere in...
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    lol YouTube - ‪mike crashing a motorbike‬‏
  5. nidyanazo

    Reverse the head for clearance

    Just a FYI, if you have an angle plug head on a smaller framed bike, you can easily create the clearance you need by flipping the cylinder head... YouTube - ‪engine mounting trick, reverse the head‬‏
  6. nidyanazo

    *vid* Perfect sprocket alignment every time, how easy is this??

    Just thought I'd share this trick that makes the sprocket alignment 100% concentric every time, and takes 2 mins.. YouTube - ‪Motorized bicycle sprocket perfect alignment trick -‬‏
  7. nidyanazo

    Some cool pics of our bikes

    And some of our CA customers builds...
  8. nidyanazo

    Fun high speed corners

    YouTube - ‪www.Motovelo.US - Extreme performance bicycle engine kits! CA approved! $250 shipped!‬‏