1. carl clack

    The Piston Came

  2. G

    420cc Motorcycle Build Ideas

    First time on this site as a member, but I've built one of these 66cc bikes before, now i'm addicted and want to go further. I want to use a 420 predator to make an actual 50mph motorcycle. My question is this: Where can I find a small (minimum 3 speed) transmission that can take up to 20 hp...
  3. Noxuz

    Full suspension, full functionability

    Sup guys, this is my latest build, it took a ****ton of time to build, but its finaly here, i attached a battery to run a headlight, turn lights, a horn. Also notice de rear shox, its pretty heavy and runs like a champ, also de thumb throttle improves comfort. Thinking perhaps on a fiber...
  4. G

    Well, so this is what happened

    I have been dorking around with this engine for almost a year. I got some good runs in on it. Then I said screw it and bought a 1995 Vulcan 750 for $1500 with 13k miles on it. Runs like a champ. I may never be back here as long as I live (quite literally). Had these little engines beed solid...
  5. shwnrttr

    must see homemade motorcycle

  6. P

    A BTR Build in Progress: Lets reach 100mph

    So it begins. A quest to build a BTR. The Motivation: Don't own a Car, Quick & Efficient Transportation, the awesome history these bikes have, and a drive to build something that has speed and style! The Inspiration: A Passion for Engineering, the satisfaction of setting out to build...