1. Patchy

    212cc build!

    Hey folks, its been awhile since I've been on the forums but I have some news! After selling my motorcycle I started a new motorbike project! My other builds were with the China Girl 2 strokes and I wanted to move up in the world so I decided on a Predator 212cc engine. My friend and I went...
  2. U

    Um...I need some advice.

    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I have a little dilemma. Last Wednesday, my engine kit came. It was this. On that same day, my bike was stolen. (Ironically, the frame wasn't going fit for it anyways) So now, I have buy a new bike. I...
  3. wolf-jr

    Vintage PreWar Hiawatha Cruiser... For my Girlfriend

    Hey everyone, Thinking about starting this little project to get a motorbike running for my girlfriend... 24 inch wheels on this as she 5 foot and got a few extra motors I could throw in there. Should I put the motor in or keep it a cruiser? Let me know what you think! -Iceman
  4. Ruby478

    user with the website with mods on it

    Who is the user that has the website with all the mods and diy stuff on it ? if that user or anyone knows the link im talking about can u send me the link? thank you very much :)
  5. O

    Need a little help..

    I finished building my motor bike and I was very excited until it failed to start. I held the gas in and when i released the clutch to engage the engine i heard the engine try to start and fail. The gas line line is fine and there is a switch on the clutch with 2 chinese symbols, i have tried...
  6. Ruby478

    My motorized bicycle design

    [/url] bike design by Ruby478, on Flickr[/IMG] when i get some money together im going to build this right away its been sitting there waiting to be built
  7. J

    New guy, need a bit of help!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum so I'll give a quick introduction: I'm Mike, I'm 15 (finally old enough to legally use a mb) and I live in central NJ. I have always had a passion for motors, building, and biking, so the thought of being able to make a mb sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I...