1. M

    Hi Everyone!!!

    My name is James Martin working as a Motorized Bicycle builder at I'm very passionate about Motorized bicycle building. Thanks, James usflg
  2. B

    my chopper on youtube

    hi folks here is my 66 cc 8 speed chopper i built many years ago, it still runing fine, has upgraded bearings ports done, expansion chamber hyd disc front and rear. the link is ‪chopper bicycle, chopper bike, 80cc chopper push bike,‬‏ - YouTube, enjoy this is how i build em in australia...
  3. dasmo

    Finally I say hello

    Hi motorbicyclers, I've hung around here for a bit and used the resources here a number of times. Thank you! I thought I would finally say hello and post a pic of my bike. It's on it's second engine (that works much better than the first) ((a Grubee Skyhawk)) and it is pretty...