1. C

    aftermarket parts and upgrades??

    so ive burnt though almost 12 lt of fuel i've been nice and only opened her up once... so im starting to think about upgrades and aftermarket part?? so here is my list of what i want to do 1. change the spark plug to and NGK either B5 or B6 (not sure with is better ive read it really depends...
  2. R

    650cc 111hp 4cylnder trike ?

    So I can get a 600cc motor that pushes 106whp at 300km/h in a go cart was thinking about building a trike with 2x2 tue 1/4" wall and cr500 weels on the rear Any thoughts or ideas
  3. Ruby478

    user with the website with mods on it

    Who is the user that has the website with all the mods and diy stuff on it ? if that user or anyone knows the link im talking about can u send me the link? thank you very much :)
  4. C

    Chain Tensioner Ideas? Panama Jack

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and first build. This past summer I purchased everything I needed to get on the road and start riding. I put everything together on my Panama Jack Huffy cruiser bicycle and even panited it to look completely radical. :) Since the first day of riding, I...
  5. scud

    PICS and VID of my CRUISER after rebuild and mods

    Hey guys, So I changed the bike up a lot, as you will see from the before and after pics. I busted the chain on a ride, so while I was waiting for a new master link, I decided to do a complete tear-down and rebuild. Check out the pics and the video! BEFORE build[/IMG] AFTER build[/IMG]...