1. Paddy

    China dolphin harbour a80 (62cc) CDI REPLACEMENT

    Hi guys, having trouble with my engine its a china dolphin harbour a80 (62cc). I have ruled any other causes and found the problem to be the CDI. Anybody know any good replacements and what price range im looking at? Thanks!
  2. S

    my crany mod

    After my old 1970's handy down MB failed about a year ago, I built a quick cranny and ever since wanted to modify it. At one point I flipped the handle bars around and down to give a BTR feel. well with summer break finally here and I'm all clear of summer camps I finally have the time and...
  3. deadmousefetish

    I found this in my mothers garage

    This is a Lafree. It is an electric bicycle made by giant a few years back and they stopped making it. I am wondering if anyone has owned one or even better if they had one and modified it? If this thing still works I want to make a tricycle out of it. Right now the thing was made for some giant...