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    Do Dellorto or Mikuni jets fit?

    I am going to order a couple jets for my bike, I ordered ones for motorised bikes but they are m4 not m5 thread, and I can't find any m5 ones specifically for motorised bikes, so I was wondering if m5 jets for a dellorto or mikuni will fit? The engine is just a cheap chinese 80cc with the stock...
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    5hp Briggs and Stratton wont stay on

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here on motorbicycling.com. So I have been working on my motorized bicycle/board track racer inspired build for almost a year now, and am nearing completion. I mounted a temporary gasoline tank and temporary exhaust pipe (as can be seen in pictures) to the 5...
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    Mikuni vm20 carb?

    idk if i am posting this in the right area but i saw a vid on YouTube with a guy running a 49cc on a Yamaha ag100 carb which is a mikuni vm20 i believe. I have a 60cc or 70cc whatever you want to call it and i was thinking about getting one just wondering has anybody had any experience with...