micargi rover gt

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    Micargi Rover gt build

    Here is the beginning of my bike http://motorbicycling.com/showthread.php?t=60730 Update just bought upgraded he bolts for all the engine in cluding exhaust and intake only $13.50 cheaper to buy yourself at home depot than in kit I just currently waiting for my front wide motor mount and...
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    New to this...Micargi Falcon GT or Micargi Rover GT

    My first option is the Micargi Falcon GT (Black with Red Rims). Second option is the Micargi Rover GT. My concern is that the 66/80cc motor(Pirate Cycles) will not fit in the Micargi Falcon GT frame. It appears some have put a motor in them but not sure if they achieved it with the 66/80cc...