1. B

    like to ride

    I hate ridding alone im seattle tophat area I love long rides im hopping to get a cruze or something going will travel
  2. Schwinn the Fox

    Connecticut Motorized Bicycle Rally and Ride

    Connecticut MB Rally and Ride Thanks to Dan for giving me this idea, Ill be hosting a meet up and ride Well be meeting up in Stafford, Connecticut on July 17, 2011 The location will be at East Street (Rt. 19) Parking Lot (Next to Baseball Fields). Meet-Up Location If you look on the map, its...
  3. J

    Motorised Bicycle meet

    Hi my name is Jude , Would anybody be interested in a motorised bicycle , meet , ride , gathering ? , i am in Kirrawee , NSW , Australia , i have a Motorised Full Suspension Rocky Mountain Mountain Bike , with a hp 70cc from Rocksolid , shiftkit , tuned pipe , Front mounted fuel tank , anyways...