lost and confused

  1. B

    Motor kit for a 1972 schwinn collegiate 3

    I am looking for some suggestions as to which kit I should get for my schwinn. I have talked to a few people who have said that the bike might not be a good fit for a motor. The bike rides really well and has a new set of tires, the breaks work just fine, and I have not had any problems with the...
  2. Richluhring

    66cc china, bogging

    so my engine is bogging at any throttle position once it levels out. whether it is 1/4 to wot. I have replaced the plug and fuel it came on sudden. I have checked intake and exhaust port, tightened all bolts, cleaned the carb, exhaust pipe is clear. I run 32-1 fuel/oil, now when it starts if I...