1. junglepig

    New "retro" helmet

    I got this new DOT approved helmet today. A DOT approved helmet is necessary to be legal in Georgia on a MB. The goggles are cheap and may restrict my peripheral vision too much, but they do fit over my glasses. LOL, my daughter said they made me look 10 years younger though. She described them...
  2. A

    Leather covered solo seat

    Leather covered cruiser seat Hey everyone. Been riding my sled a lot, and was wanting to get some sort of leather covered seat, in that sort of bobber-chopper-solo-pan type. I have a lowrider style Felt Bixby, and I want a seat in that sort of style. Looked all over the web, and couldn't find...
  3. dasmo

    Finally I say hello

    Hi motorbicyclers, I've hung around here for a bit and used the resources here a number of times. Thank you motorbicycling.com! I thought I would finally say hello and post a pic of my bike. It's on it's second engine (that works much better than the first) ((a Grubee Skyhawk)) and it is pretty...