1. H

    New here, First 212 build

    Hey guys, so i just posted my 'hi how are ya', which may have been long overdue... Im familiar enough with 2 stroke kits, but this is my first build from scratch, and my first 4 stroke... This is a long post, so if youd prefer to skip the context, the TLDR is that im having trouble mounting a...
  2. Nehmo

    Where is the freewheel on Jackshaft kits? Recommendations?

    I assembled an m-bike with a 44-tooth rag joint rear sprocket. I thought I did a meticulous job installing the sprocket. (I did choose dish inward instead of dish outward. I went with a recommendation, but I believe I shouldn't have now.) The tensioner (attaching as a cantilever to the...
  3. mbearden

    Third build, first post, Genesis GX7 (Astra) with SBP Shift Kit

    Hey All! This is my first post, though I have been following the forum for quite a while. I put my first build together a year ago next month! My first build was on a 700c Roadmaster Adventures $99 Wal-Mart special. I learned quite a lot from that first build, including but not limited to; 700c...
  4. S

    Newbie Gearing Question

    Have a HF 79cc going on a bike with 26" tires. Engine will be keeping the governor so 3600-4000rmp (gov tweek if I can figure that out). Thinking of running a jackshaft with 11 tooth clutch, 22 tooth input, 9 tooth output, to a 48 tooth rear. If I figured right should be a 10.67 final. Will...
  5. S

    New guy in Illinois.

    Hey all. Working on my first build and using a 79cc Predator. Not sure about gearing. Was thinking about using a direct drive 10/62 combo but also thinking about jackshaft with a 10/22/9/? setup. Just don't know what sprocket to use on the wheel to get me to around 40-45 mph. This will be a...
  6. Da Pedal

    GTC Jackshaft For Sale

    I have a GTC jackshaft that fits the 79cc - 99cc predators and greyhounds, along with the lifan 97cc - 98cc motors. I have never used it for anything besides mock up purposes and it is essentially brand new. I don't even think it has any scratches whatsoever I'm selling it for 105 shipped...
  7. K

    200cc Gear ratio speed

    i just made my home made motorized bicycle, it has predator 212 cc with governor. my clutch has 13 tooth input jack shaft 22 output jack shaft 10 sprocket 56 how do i calculate my max speed at 3600rpm? Thank YOu. cvlt1
  8. S

    the right jackshaft for my 2012 SkyHawk GT5

    This is my 1st project, any reccomendations? i am thinking about getting a 2012 SkyHawk GT5 66cc Kit and a 2 Stroke HD Shifter Kit jackshaft for my 26" Mens Schwinn Southport. if you have any suggestions or warnings, id realy love to hear your opinion.
  9. C

    aussie shift kit?? has anyone tried it??

    just wondering if anyone has tried out one these shift kits?? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JACKSHAFT-SHIFT-KIT-GEAR-KIT-SHIFTKIT-JACK-SHAFT-FOR-BICYCLE-ENGINE-KIT-MOTOR-/190772632698?pt=AU_Motorcycle_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c6aef5c7a&_uhb=1#ht_4978wt_1271 its a bit cheaper than the one...
  10. shwnrttr

    where to find u bolts?

    anybody know where i can find u-bolts for a homemade jackshaft? ive found some online but they dont have the rounded plate. i need one like this one, just smaller. http://www.performanceexhaustplus.com/cherry-bomb-u-bolt-muffler-clamp-2-18-stainless-steel.html
  11. nashmoto

    nashmoto evolution

    I've been working on the bike over the past year designing and machining my own jackshaft belt drivetrain, using the same billet motor mount from before and built up a race engine with help from Shane at AGK - affordablegokarts.com. The new swing arm suspension seat works great, but will refine...
  12. W

    NuVinci Cadilliac 4 stroke Jackshaft into Micargi Chopper

    Hey Guys, so here I am jumpin into this full tilt... Here is my wicked plan, I just bought what I think is one of the last Fleetwoods to be had you know the inexpensive NuVinci Caddy. Well after having done a little research I can see the benefits of the CVT and had to have one but this whole...
  13. A

    Will my bike work with jackshaft and 66cc?

    alright, i just posted a video of my bike i got yesterday. YouTube - ‪project bike? will it fit a motor and jackshaft kit?? i sure hope it does‬‏ i think it might work but i really need to be sure. its a 29'er diamondback overdrive last year's model or this year. same thing. but...
  14. Tomasito

    Nexus 3, 4, 7 or old Sturmey Archer?

    Hello, I'm in the proccess of making a custom motorbicycle, and I plan to use a internally geared hub. I live in Argentina, so I don't have many options. First of all, it HAS to have rollerbrakes or discmount because my rim doesn't allow me to use rimbrakes. I don't know any other brake...