jack shaft

  1. bluck

    JackShaft Kit Compatible Bikes

    I was looking into starting a new build on another bike and wanted a list of compatible Road/Mountain bikes that are stock(or require minimal[cheap] modifications to the rear shifting mechanism ie. not having to buy nuvinci hub) that can accommodate a jack shaft kit. I currently have a schwinn...
  2. D

    Custom chopped and screwed homemade motoped/dirt bike!

    i spent a lot of time planning this bike out.. this one i based off the dirt bike style this bike has a lot of travel and an 8gear jackshaft, in this build im using the 70cc Skyhawk Super Rat motor with a stock 66cc carb and a honda CR80 exhaust. i tried to find as many progress pictures as...
  3. Wild Bill

    1st Build GT LTS Full Suspension/Shift Kit

    This will be my 1st moto bike build, the bike Im starting with is a GT LTS I picked up off Ebay and it just got here. After assembling it, I did some cable lubing and shifter tuning, then took it out for the first test ride without the engine just to test it out. Wow! beautiful riding bike! very...
  4. H

    HELP with HF 212cc project

    Hi i am mounting a 212 HF engine into road bike and i need help with the torque converter/jackshaft system. I do not have a welder and i know that i will not be able to put a chain straight from the shaft to the rear sprocket. That is the foirst problem- alignment. Then i need to be able to...
  5. F

    WTB Shifter/ Jackshaft kit!!!

    as title reads i need a shifter / jack shaft kit, is it me or is everyone who sells them out of stock.......