1. Memy1251

    Drive sprocket won’t turn

    So this is my first build, and once it was all together, I found that on disengaging the clutch the bike would not roll but what little slack the chain would allow before the chain would run out of play and snag. I’ve gone through clutch re-set and cleaning procedures, such as cleaning the pad...
  2. Target

    Engine Doesnt Engage Drivetrain

    Hello, just want to ask for some help. I've had numerous chain issues and the wheel locking up when the motor is running as i'm still working out the "kinks". It seems when i let the clutch go, the engine starts but doesn't move the bike anywhere when the clutch is let out at it's fullest, at...
  3. M

    Issues that only a pro can help me with, spark issues help!

    Hello guys, i am fairly new to posting on this forum, i just bought a new kit from *that's right you guessed when you saw the title...* BoyGoFast on ebay, it got to my door in 6 days, i also ordered there occ chopper mount and welded it to my schwinn occ rather than u-clamping it..., mounted the...