1. KC Roy

    2 cycle question

    hey guys, this is for a chainsaw but you all see to know more than the other forums when it comes to this stuff so though i would try my question here first. my chain saw (after my cousin borrowed it) wouldn't start. fuel line looked crappy so replaced it and the filter. the plug will not get...
  2. M

    No fuel in chamber

    First time bike build. I put everything together correctly but I cant seem to get fuel into my chamber from my carburetor / intake. I took off and am looking through the intake tube between the carb and the cylinder head. I can see my piston moving up and down as spin the wheel, but it wont go...
  3. C

    daydreaming about a mini turbo

    I came across a really small turbo online and I started to think about an expansion chamber that is tuned to eliminate as much intake blow-by as possible, theoretically possible? I run a 48cc silverjet w/ angle fire head turbo's links :
  4. F

    Cooled intake manifold

    Hey there everyone. So I ordered my flying horse motor from bike berry and its currently in shipping to me. I tried to order the short billet intake manifold to compliment the upgraded NT speed carb i got with it, however bike berry didnt have any in stock when i ordered. Im not about to...
  5. domster66

    No gasket? Bad?

    Ok so on my 80cc bike I was riding and there was a lot of vibration and my intake pipe fell out because of the two screws that hold the pipe into the cylinder! This isn't the first time I have had problems with these little screws. They are always never screwing in completely and securely no...
  6. crmachineman

    High Performance Intake Manifold

    Hello. I love all of the experimenting many of us are doing. I would like to offer you all our new, radically different intake manifold for the china girl engines. We make them here in New Hampshire USA! I have read many reports of people having difficulties getting the CNS carburetor to work...
  7. scud

    PICS and VID of my CRUISER after rebuild and mods

    Hey guys, So I changed the bike up a lot, as you will see from the before and after pics. I busted the chain on a ride, so while I was waiting for a new master link, I decided to do a complete tear-down and rebuild. Check out the pics and the video! BEFORE build[/IMG] AFTER build[/IMG]...
  8. DuctTapedGoat

    Porting - are you actually taking advantage of it?

    I hear people talking about porting all the time. I see pictures of ported motors - and they're using stock exhaust and stock intakes. If you're going to port, wouldn't you need to use a modified exhaust and intake that actually matched the head porting? I plan to first modify my exhaust...
  9. Ruby478

    Cns V2 air leak! billet intake?

    i bought a CNS V2 and it leaks air like crazy i know manic mechanic make a view different intakes which one will works best?
  10. Ruby478

    One problem after another

    Ive built 7 bikes never had a problem.......i always ordered from the same people they've always came through. But less than a month ago i was working on number 8 my person bike first the head gasket blows out.... no big deal replaced it done right? wrong! That same week i have an air...