hybrid motorized bicycle

  1. C

    "Car replacement" hybrid bike

    I'm looking for a 4 season car replacement that I don't have to register or pay insurance for. I made an e-bike out of a cyclone 3000 electric motor and a few KW worth of batteries. I get about 45 miles @ 30mph average in my hilly area. But my commute is 40 miles per day and I would like to go...
  2. miked826

    Brentwood to Venice..... without even a scratch.

    Almost got taken out by an old lady pulling out of her mansion (6:18). Would have been a nice payday, if I actually lived through it. LOL Enjoy the haunting sounds of the electric hub. At 25:06 I pedal for the first time to sneak past the Quadrunner Police Patrol, even though my motor drive...
  3. miked826

    Hybrid 49cc Gas + 2000 Watt Electric Bike 4 Sale.

    EBAY LISTING $2499 ENGINE IS NOW 97CC http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Hybrid-Motorized-Bike-97cc-Gas-2250-Watt-Electric-w-Brake-ReGen-4-Stroke-/00/s/MTU0NFgxNTE2/z/yAcAAOxyTjNSk6QY/$_57.JPG This bike is a one of a kind project started about 6 months ago. Originally a 2012 Felt MP beach...