hs 4 stroke 5/8" shaft

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    4stroke HS has Squeak sound during pull and wont Start

    Hi All— Really struggling here. I was riding fine at 30mph and slowly came to a stop when engine idled down and died. Can’t get it to start and there is a noticeable “squeak sound” near the cylinder area at the END of the rope pull only. I have inspected clutch, cleaned carb jets, inspected...
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    HS 4 Stroke Straight/ 5/8" Shaft?

    I bought a 4 stoke bike + kit from Heliobikes back in april. I burnt out my motor and can't find the same one to buy except from Helio. I really don't want to give them anymore money cause they ****ed me over a lot on my order in the first place. Does anyone know anything about the HS 4 Stroke...