hp carb

  1. S

    Motor good at half throttle but bogging at full??

    Kind of lost as to what’s going on, I have a reed valve + windowed piston on a 80cc 2 stroke engine. I’ve got an HP carb with a #70 jet installed. I can ride the bike and when I first start riding the idle is fine but when I get it going to WOT and then come to a stop the idle is really high. I...
  2. P

    China Motor with HP Carb Barely Running Only With Choke Off

    I have a basic Chinese motor. recently, I upgraded from my leaking NT carb to an HP carb. I put the new carb on and go for a ride, it runs great. the next time I ride I heard A lot of clicking, coming from around the piston cap. I bought a new piston cap gasket and double stacked them, I was...
  3. R

    New HP Carb runs horrible! Help?

    Way worse than the nt carb. How do I fox this? I even put the jet for the nt carb on the new hp carb but it made zero difference. Is there adjustment screws anywhere?
  4. TylerCO

    High altitude problems on new kit

    Hi I'm new here and I just built my first bike motor kit. I am in Colorado at high altitude. I have the epa approved flying horse 66cc engine kit from bike berry. Com. It came with the "HP carburetor" starts great and runs good but I'm getting almost no power and acceleration and it bogs down...
  5. R

    CNS cone filter HP throttle cable too long

    I just got a new CNS high. Performance carb and after I installed it the action was OK except for the throttle cable after returning to idle the housing pushes out of handle housing 2 or 3 inches and both ends have the permanent set slugs agjustment???????please help!!!!!!.shft.