honda gxh50
  1. heliobikes

    Helio (hello) from San Diego!

    Hey everyone my name is Kyle and I have been enjoying building bikes for about 5.5 years now. First off I love the freedom of a motorized bike and the fact that it is different is exciting too. There are several people that call Helio thinking that i actually invented them ( yeah I wish)...
  2. Matty Skacore

    Honda motors

    So I have seen these Honda motors for go karts and minibikes and started thinking about mounting them on a bicycle. Has anyone done this before and what are the results? speed, mpg, power, problems. The motor I'm looking at is a Honda GXH 50 and it has 2.1 HP. Any help or info would help...
  3. nashmoto

    nashmoto evolution

    I've been working on the bike over the past year designing and machining my own jackshaft belt drivetrain, using the same billet motor mount from before and built up a race engine with help from Shane at AGK - The new swing arm suspension seat works great, but will refine...