help needed

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    New engine seems seized?

    I Just recently got a two stroke kit for Christmas and have finally gotten it all together and tight(no thanks to the terrible instructions). Today My father and I mixed the directed gas and oil(16:1), rolled the bike to the driveway and it started right up. After convincing my dad that a 300...
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    Chain Tensioner Ideas? Panama Jack

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and first build. This past summer I purchased everything I needed to get on the road and start riding. I put everything together on my Panama Jack Huffy cruiser bicycle and even panited it to look completely radical. :) Since the first day of riding, I...
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    Mounting studs broken!

    I have had my bike for about 6 months. A couple months ago I heard a loud bang/crack while riding, while examining my bike I noticed one of the nuts on the back mounting stud was lose, I tightened it. I then noticed the other side was lose, however when I tightened it the whole stud slipped out...
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    Kyle's Build

    Ok, so here's the deal, I'm trying to make a motorized bicycle at my house, using just parts around my house. (Except for the broken fuel line). And now ive come to the point in time where i need to have some kind of clutch on it. Ive thought of a lot of different things i could do (roll start...
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    Coaster Brake Problem-Need Help?

    How do I get the sprocket on my bike with coaster brakes without messing up the arm?