1. Testname111

    Easy 3 phase alternator waterproof ac-dc

    Hello I'd like to show off my 2-stroke brushless alternator :) I cut a hole in the gear box and removed the original screw then stacked up washers on a longer 8mm 1.00 pitch screw from the hardware store, attached the pulley gear, attached it all with washers and extra bike parts laying around...
  2. scud

    PICS and VID of my CRUISER after rebuild and mods

    Hey guys, So I changed the bike up a lot, as you will see from the before and after pics. I busted the chain on a ride, so while I was waiting for a new master link, I decided to do a complete tear-down and rebuild. Check out the pics and the video! BEFORE build[/IMG] AFTER build[/IMG]...