harley davidson

  1. G

    We built four bikes--All work with problems

    The Shark kit from King Motors was missing parts that we bought extra over the internet because they wouldn't send any that were missing. We rejetted two the make them go fasted, welded in motor mounts and changed tanks. No instructions didn't bother us but it will other people. Photos are of...
  2. RocketJ

    Merkel Motor Wheel?

    I've always been facinated by Joe Merkel's Motor wheel design. I've studied the patents, but it's still difficult to udnerstand how a hub based engine works with a coaster wheel. I found this restoration build, but still no dice. Anyone have an idea? I'd love to give this a try with a more...
  3. paucmarc

    Animated motorized bicycle video

    Was cruisin' Jalopnik today and found this. It's a short animated film about a chase. But the "hero" rides an awesome slant-single, belt-drive MB. Enjoy. Parigot - YouTube Looks like an old Harley. With different paint. And a suspension cargo rack. Perhaps this one?