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    GY6 Carb Upgrade from 24mm to 26mm ?

    Do I have 50cc GY6 that is currently stock, It rubs and have ridden it around but the moment you give it some decent gas and then let it idle again it tends to try and die I have adjusted the idle screw so it ran a little better but it still won't run properly after I give it some gas. I...
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    New From NC!

    Hey guys, Im new posting here but a long time lurker. I have built a fat tire motor bike but have difficulties with getting it to actually go with me on it. I am large in stature but low in weight (6'4" @ 170lbs) I have posted many pictures of the build plus added a question in this forum...
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    Custom Bike Problems

    Hey! I am building a fat tire (mongoose dolomite) custom frame and gas tank bike. My mandatory specs were that it had to have disc brakes front and rear, 4 stroke motor, and shift with no manual clutch (shifter kit from Bike Berry). The problem I am having seems to be that the 49cc motor (also...